Join the Club
If fearless is your middle name come and join our adventurous club!

Adventure Club is on a mission to create positive change through design. We are a product-led digital transformation company with basecamps in Helsinki and Amsterdam. Our approach is a mix of human-centered design, business thinking and experimenting in all forms.

At Adventure Club you’ll create truly meaningful products and services, alongside multidisciplinary people whose work you respect and whose company you enjoy. We’re always trying to contribute to the greater good, and are not afraid to adventure into the unknown.


Due to new exciting opportunities, our teams are growing and we are now looking for enthusiastic UX / UI designers with 3+ years of experience to work with our fearless clients in Helsinki & Amsterdam!

As an UX / UI designer your key responsibilities are to create, evaluate, and iterate smooth user experiences and craft visually impressive end-products. You are never satisfied with your first attempt, but always keep exploring and testing!

You will work in hybrid teams with engineers, visual designers, product owners, and senior designers.

Your role in a nutshell:

  • Craft everything from mockups to final wireframes and visually impressive end-products
  • Explore, build, and test a wide range of solutions
  • Work together with project teams and transform complex problems into tangible experiences
  • Be a voice of a design-thinker

What we expect from you:

  • 3+ years of experience in creating meaningful digital products and/or services
  • Hands-on design experience from ideation into delivering great user experiences
  • User-centred mindset
  • Great collaboration skills – you can give and take constructive feedback
  • Competence to communicate your design to various stakeholders
  • Highly skilled in various design & prototyping softwares e.g. Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, InVision, Flinto
  • Staying up to date with relevant technology and design trends
  • Ability to work with complex projects and tight schedules

What we can offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Hardware & software
  • Mentorship programme with award-winning senior designers
  • Do-what-you-love-day once a month – a day you can use to develop your skillset and you will get paid for it
  • 5 weeks of annual leave

Polish your portfolio and join the Club:

You’re an experienced software developer with the skills to create exceptional solutions (web, mobile & phygital environments). You love working together with creative people (UX/ UI & graphic designers) to conceptualise solutions in a team, and experimenting and developing by choosing the tools that fit your work mostly. Ultimately keeping the end product in mind – bold new solutions for our fearless clients.

As one of the full-stack or front-end wizards you’ll be a core team member, having a broad effect on multiple key areas of development. Your wisdom on future technologies (VR/ AR/ MR/ AI – you name it) will challenge our team’s present knowledge and create fascinating new project opportunities. You’re hungry to develop your personal and professional skills – so are we alongside you.

We offer you a workplace in a startup-like culture. Here, you can find a bunch of super skillful professionals encouraged to be more awesome.

Do you wanna be part of our adventure? Shoot us a message: